Agenda item

Penistone Market Check and Challenge Exercise


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who made Members aware that the subject had been raised at a recent meeting with the Area Chair.


The market at Penistone was seen as an asset for community use, but it was suggested that it was not achieving its full potential.  Various comments had been put forward that the facility was under used for markets on a Saturday, and although other uses, such as for music events, had in the past been successful, these only took place sporadically.


It was suggested that the Area Council approached the service with the view to undertaking a Check and Challenge exercise.  This would involve the service articulating their remit, plans, and current levels of performance.  Members would then be able to ask questions in relation to the information presented, discuss options for the future, and work with officers to improve the service delivered wherever possible.


Members were supportive of the proposal, and it was agreed that this be pursued by the Area Council Manager.


RESOLVED that a Check and Challenge on the delivery of the Market Service and use of the Market Barn in Penistone be pursued.