Agenda item

Procurement and financial update (PAC.16.06.2016/8)


The report was introduced by the Area Council Manager. 

Members discussed the Working Together Fund.  It was noted that although interest may have not been to the level first anticipated, much promotion had taken place and the number of applications being developed had increased.


The scoring of projects was discussed, and it was suggested that an additional question be added to the application form and scoring criteria, to ascertain whether the project would be deliverable without the use of Working Together Fund finance.


The meeting discussed the current arrangements to procure a service to support Isolated and Vulnerable Older People. Originally the commission was to finish at the end of March, 2017, which due to delays in commissioning would result in delivery only over a period of 6 months. It was noted that, if commissioned by the end of the year, the budget from the current financial year could now be spent in the 2017/18 financial year.  It was therefore suggested that the length of commission therefore be extended to take place over a year period.


Members discussed the composition of the Tender Evaluation Panel for the contract, and it was agreed that Councillor Wilson and Councillor David Griffin take part in the exercise.


The meeting considered the expenditure to date and finance remaining within the 2016/17 financial year.  A total of £55,400 remained unallocated, however it was noted that this was in addition to that reserved, but not yet approved, for use as part of the Working Together Fund.


A number of suggestions for use of the remaining finance were considered.  These included increased enforcement of parking, littering, and dogfouling in the area; devolving Area Council finance to the Ward Alliance; supporting tourism in the area; and establishing a volunteering hub. It was agreed that these all be pursued by the Area Council Manager.



(i)        £78,033 remains allocated to the Working Together Fund, and this be reconsidered at a later date;

(ii)       Approval be given for the contract for an Isolated and Vulnerable Older People Service to be delivered over a period of one year;

(iii)      Councillors David Griffin, and Wilson take part in the Tender Evaluation Panel for the Isolated and Vulnerable Older People Service;

(iv)     The financial position of the Area Council be noted, and that the areas for potential expenditure be taken forward by the Area Council Manager.

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