Agenda item

Performance report (PAC.16.06.2016/5)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager.  Attention was drawn to Part A, which provided an overview of how the combined commissioned services impacted on the area.  It was noted that the Working Together Fund for Penistone FM had unfortunately been omitted from the report, and this had a value of £15,000.


The meeting went on to consider Part B, which provided a narrative on the performance of each commission.  It was noted that the Countryside Skills Commission had now come to an end.


The meeting discussed the Clean and Tidy commission, acknowledging that a number of the performance measures were rated ‘Red’.  This was due to the performance management meeting having to be rescheduled, and that further information had been requested in order to evidence outputs.


Members noted that the commission had not had the number of referrals expected and various suggestions were made as to how the service could be publicised, including the use of social media and Penistone FM.


It was agreed to invite the Clean and Tidy Service Team Leader to the next meeting of the Area Council to discuss the delivery of the service in more detail.



(i)     the contents of the Performance Report be noted;

(ii)    the Clean and Tidy Service Team Leader be invited to the next meeting of Penistone Area Council.

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