Agenda item

Project Updates

a)       Project D Goldthorpe Housing  - Julie Tattershall



b)      Project M Housing Retrofit  - Alison Dalton



c)       Project H Heart of Goldthorpe  - Teresa Williams



Project D Goldthorpe Housing Project Update – Presented by Julie Tattershall

            A copy of a presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


There are two proposed phases for the delivery of the scheme subject to the receipt of approval and funding:


Phase one – acquisitions / demolitions and new builds


Phase two – shared space street works, creation of green spaces and works to regenerate rear of terraced properties.


Next steps:

Awaiting outcome of DLUHC appraisal.

Cabinet approval required for acquisitions and demolitions – timeline for approval, end of March 2023.

Research / discussions with property owners

SYMCA Bid decision due in March 2023


Comments from Andy Lock: Will £6m be enough to deliver the works proposed based upon the rising cost of inflation? 

Response from Julie Tattershall: Cost uplifts and any potential changes to the scaling of the scheme to be addressed with DLUHC & SYMCA once the project has been approved. 


Comments from Councillor Danforth:  Acquisitions / Demolitions – which properties have been identified?

Response from Julie Tattershall & Alison Dalton: Up to 40 properties initially identified and shared at a public consultation to which tenants, homeowners and landlords were invited.  Letters also sent to the potentially affected tenants, homeowners and landlords prior to the consultation.  Further discussions to be held once the funding has been agreed.

Project M Housing Retrofit – Presented by Alison Dalton

A copy of a presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


£2m reallocated from the solar farm project, to be match funded through Local Authority Funding.

Retrofit and warm homes energy efficiency measures – flyers to be hand delivered next week to residents and emailed to landlords.  Walkabout session to be held with the Warm Homes Officers next week.  Library sign up session to be held on the 28th November 9-11am.  Working with Berneslai Homes to create a show home effect to a property to demonstrate external insulation measures.

Comments from Andy Lock:  Could an indicative cost saving figure for a warm home retrofit property be included on the flyers or advised to residents?

Response from Alison Dalton: Will discuss with Warm Homes Team regarding an estimated cost saving figure based on similar properties which have already been retrofitted.


Goldthorpe Market site - O&P Construction were appointed this morning.  To be invited to Business Engagement Event and also to arrange health and safety presentations with local schools.


Project H Heart of Goldthorpe Market Consultation Feedback – Presented by Teresa Williams

A copy of a presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.

Unable to include all design elements requested at previous consultations including fountains which would have a high maintenance commitment attached to it.  A living, permanent Christmas tree can not be installed however, space will be created to allow a temporary tree to be added at Christmas time.


Anchor points to be added to the square to allow for temporary market stalls to be safely erected on the site.


Seating area to be added to the front of the site adjacent to the library where it will be overlooked to deter anti-social behaviour and could also be used at a later date by the library as an outdoor area.


Horse & Groom pub sign in very poor state of disrepair – could be restored or the memory of the pub be incorporated into a mosaic or mural which is to be designed at a later date by Dan Jones.


Decision required – should the pub sign be renovated, or should the memory of the pub be incorporated into the mural?


Comment from Claire Dawson:  Would like to retain the sign at all costs as requested by local residents.


Comment from Councillor Cain: Agreed with Claire Dawson that local residents had requested that the sign and parts of the stone wall be reused on the site.

Response from Teresa:  Unfortunately, very little of the stone wall could be retained for reuse.


Comment from Councillor Danforth: Remembrance / contemplation area will this still be incorporated into the design for the square?

Response from Teresa:  Yes, this will be included.


Comment from Councillor Coates: If it proves impossible to restore the sign a reproduction could be requested from the brewery.


Decision:  It was agreed that the sign should be restored and incorporated into the new town square.