Agenda item

Project Updates

a)    Cultural Hub Deep Dive – Liane Holdsworth

b)    Heart of Goldthorpe – Market consultation feedback – Teresa Williams

c)    Goldthorpe Housing Project Update – Julie Tattershall


Project G Cultural Hub Deep Dive – Presented by Liane Holdsworth

A copy of the presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


Comment: Andy Lock – Wished to acknowledge the hard work and enthusiasm of Liane Holdsworth for the Heart of the Wood.

With regards to the verbal agreement with CISWO, how close is this to becoming a written agreement?  Liane advised that this is being developed.


Comment: Michael Bunting – New car park on tennis courts.  Could the other car parking area, which is larger than this be developed instead, and the tennis courts developed into a play area?  Liane advised that part of the larger area will be redeveloped and the tennis courts could be used for other purposes when not in use as a car park for events.


Comment: John Healey MP – likes the range / variety of the projects and the youth engagement.  Is Dan Jones’ contribution secure despite the budget pressures?

Liane – confident that Dan’s work would meet criteria for funding from The Arts Council.  There is also a continency in the budget to cover rising costs at the playhouse.


Comment from Councillor Coates – finds the project very exciting. Advised agreements with CISWO can take a while to be signed off.


Project H Heart of Goldthorpe Market Consultation Feedback – Presented by Teresa Williams

A copy of an artist’s impression of the design was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


The design which was shared with the Board prior to the meeting was created based on feedback from consultations carried out last year.

A public consultation was held on the site on the 12th September 2022 to discuss this design which are now in the pre-application stage

Anecdotal information suggests that the public are looking forward to the new market facilities and the creation of a new place to meet.

The pub sign has been retained but is in a bad state of disrepair.  The consultants are working with local artists to design a mosaic to incorporate this.


Comment: Michael Bunting – looking forward to the changes on the site. Wished to bring to Teresa’s attention that historically the area is prone to heavy flooding.  This information has been noted for discussion with Yorkshire Water.


Comment:  Councillor Danforth – has the new surfacing been laid yet?

Teresa – investigations regarding using the temporary surface as a base for the long term works have been taking place, once resolved the works are to be scheduled in with Highways Department.


Comment:  Councillor Cain –If required, which area of the square would have a temporary roof covering for events?

Teresa – the area to the right hand side, away from the trees would be utilised.

Project M Housing Retrofit – Presented by Alison Dalton


A letter drop to residents has been completed, there has been a low response rate to the Warm Homes project.  The Housing team will develop a more robust process to generate interest from local residents.


A preferred contractor has been identified for the Market Site, details of which will be shared at the next Board meeting in November.


Project D Goldthorpe Housing Project Update – Presented by Julie Tattershall


BMBC Officers attended the South Yorkshire Design Panel in September – recommendations from the panel included researching similar schemes around the country, specifically ones that have been completed within the last few years.


DHLUC – The strategic business case has been updated and the economic business case is currently under development – to provide further update at the next Board meeting in November.


Cabinet approval for the Goldthorpe Housing Project is to be sought in January.


Strategic Business Case to be submitted this month to SYMCA for monies to bridge the funding gap a decision is expected in February 2023.


House Builder and Registered Provider Forum meeting held last week – BMBC Officers provided them with project updates which were very well received.