Agenda item

Work Programme Update Report and Work Programme


The Corporate Governance & Assurance Manager submitted a report which detailed the updates to the 2022-23 work programme, with the work programme appended. It was noted that three items had been removed from the 14th September meeting:


·         Financial Regulations – these are undergoing a final round of consultation with subject matter experts and would be re-scheduled for presentation to the November meeting of the committee

·         Glasswork’s update – the strategic risks being considered in the September meeting would be covering Glassworks and Inclusive Economy so there was no requirement to have a separate item on Glasswork’s update.

·         AGS Action Plan – this item would be programmed for future meetings once the final AGS had been approved in November.


The Committee was also informed that an additional item, the Annual Report of the Audit and Governance Committee, had been added for the 16th  November 2022 meeting.




(i)         That the updated work plan be noted.

Supporting documents: