Agenda item

Dearne Area Council Update on Commissions (Dac.20.3.2023/5)


The Area Council Manager presented an update report with regard to the Dearne Area Council commissioned services and potential future projects.


Particular reference was made to the following:


·         The Social Connectivity Service

·         The work of the Housing and Cohesion Officer who had been in post since July 2022 following approval by this Area Council.

·         The Employability Contract in assisting employment and Skills.  Reference in this respect was made to the Dearne Electronic Community Village

·         The Neighbourhood and Engagement Officer Role and the work undertaken

·         The contract delivered by TWIGGS.  It was noted that, as reported at the last meeting, this was due to end at the end of March 2023 and, after discussion with the procurement team it was suggested that a waiver for one year should be granted as in the previous year.  This had now been signed by senior management

·         Potential future projects – further investigation was to be undertaken to ensure there was no duplication with other services and also to ensure that the needs of the young people in the area were met


RECOMMENDED that the updated be noted

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