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Draft Statement of Accounts 2021/22


The Service Director Finance submitted the draft 2021/22 Statement of Accounts which had also been the subject of a presentation at the training/awareness session immediately prior to the meeting.


It was noted that following this meeting the accounts would be made available for public inspection from 1st August to 12th September, 2022.  They would also be subject to audit by the External Auditors between July and mid-October following which their ISA 260 report on the Audit findings would be presented to Committee in November and then to Council on the 24th November, 2022 for approval.


In response to specific questioning, Gareth Mills, representing the External Auditor commented on the ongoing challenges in recruiting suitably qualified staff, to work on public sector audits.  He reported, however, that subject to no unforeseen circumstances occurring, the External Auditors were well placed to deliver the external audit in accordance with the statutory deadline of 30 November 2022.




(i)            that the Service Director Finance and his Team be thanked for their hard work and dedication in producing the accounts;


(ii)       that the work that has taken place to prepare the Authority’s Draft 2021/22 Statement of Accounts on an International Financial Reporting Standards basis be noted.

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