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Commissioning, Project Development and Finance


During the recent workshop a financial uplift for contracts was discussed.  There is currently no official guidance on this.  The cost-of-living crisis will be placing significant financial strain on providers to deliver services within the financial envelope of the contracts.  Particularly where rent/room hire, utilities, vehicle fuel for a significant part of the running costs.  Providers will also need to consider tax and national insurance contributions, which have all increased.  The reality is that service delivery may need to be reduced following formal negation between contract managers.


There needs to be a formal negotiation but from a contract point of view the provider will be continuing to deliver, it was noted that this is sometimes being done at a deficit. Currently contract extensions will run based on existing terms but the Area Manager will consider what it reasonably practicable for service quality to be maintained and work with the Area Council, Procurement and Legal Colleagues to ensure that the Area Council is fair in its commissioning of services. 


R Adams brought Members up to date with finance and funding, at the North Area Council Meeting in May. Members agreed a total of £95,000 for up to a 1-year extension of the CAB & DIAL contract.


In regard to CAB and the extension, it was recommended that a financial uplift of 3% should be considered for the short-term extension.  The services provision is still part of the ongoing review. Advice will be sought from Procurement colleagues prior to any action being taken. The contract will be extended from 14th September 2022. 


The end of year report at finance noted the grant programme had a £2,000 underspend, so there is currently a £76,000 underspend taking the area right to the end of the year. The next round of workshops will explore where money is being spent and on what. All delivery will help to contribute to Barnsley 2030 Outcomes. 


Members noted that the children’s cycle track in Mapplewell is coming together and looking good. There will be a launch in September when the children are back at school, with the grants panel being invited along.


RESOLVED - that R Adams would speak to procurement and legal to determine uplift funding for CAB.

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