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Notes from the following Ward Alliances

Darton East – held on 12th April 2022, 10th May 2022

Darton West – held on 25th May 2022, 15th June 2022

Old Town – held on 10th May 2022

St Helen's – held on 7th April 2022, 19th May 2022


Darton East – held on 12th April 2022, 10th May 2022

Darton West – held on 25th May 2022, 15th June 2022

Old Town – held on 10th May 2022

St Helen's – held on 7th April 2022, 19th May 2022


Minutes and notes were provided, and Members were invited to share an update on their wards.


Darton East


·         Applications for funding were received from North Gawber Football Club for first aid packs and footballs.


·         Platinum Jubilee bunting was distributed to businesses in Mapplewell


·         Hanging baskets are not up so an update has been requested from the provider


The hanging basket provider is a small business who are having difficulty managing the amount of work they have taken on. Due to the nature of the baskets being used to remember loved ones, it is a very emotive subject and Members are concerned the expectations of the sponsors are not being met.  are being blamed for them being late.  Reassurance has been received from the provider that any remaining North Area baskets will be up within the week. 


R Adams advised that the tender process for the hanging baskets across the borough is being reviewed.  There will be a very limited number of businesses that would be capable of undertaking the current volume of baskets across the breadth of the borough.  However, change is needed, and this will also require individual wards to commit to the number of baskets they wish to fund much earlier due to the lead time required to prepare the baskets in the growing season.  It was also advised that the current provider has held their prices for many years and that they will also need to increase the unit cost to make the project financially viable. 


Darton West


·         A lot of time has been spent on environmental projects with Darton Parks but there have been anti-social behaviours with trees vandalised.


·         Age UK Barnsley have donated a park bench to the community project in Kexborough.


·         The Memorial Gardens were judged by Barnsley in Bloom recently.


·         There are ongoing issues and concerns regarding litter and dog waste sites and since bins went dual purpose people don’t want to use the seating next to them.


·         Looking to the future, it is an aim to encourage people to be more thoughtful and think about the environment in which they live.


Old Town


·         The area is not continuing with hanging baskets for Summer 2022.


·         2 defibrillators have been ordered but one has been delayed, there is one for the shop in Honeywell, but this is not up yet. R Adams will get an update on the other one.


St Helens


·         There has been a funding application from Neighbourhood Watch for security items and the PCSO has a stall giving item out and a future event.


·         For the Jubilee, bunting was provided by volunteers in primary schools, they were let down by the ride provider but there was a singer, DJ, fancy dress, and there were grab bags for the children.


·         The Summer Gala is coming up on 28th July 2022 with activities for young people.


·         There is a defibrillator at Athersley South Primary School but once the gates have been locked there is no way to access it. Someone needs to be found to be responsible for the one at Athersley North.




(i)  It was noted that there is a shortage of spare parts for defibrillators and Councillors stated that Ward Alliances would set up working budgets were necessary;

(ii) that the minutes of the Ward Alliances be received.


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