Agenda item

Notes of the Following Ward Alliances with Feedback from each Ward Alliance Chair


Cudworth – held on 24th May 2022

Monk Bretton – Postponed

North East – held on 9th June 2022

Royston – held on 23rd May 2022


The meeting received notes from the Cudworth, Monk Bretton, North East and Royston Ward Alliances held throughout June and July.  The following updates were noted: -


In Cudworth it has been busy, the Ward Alliance have purchased a school shed so that second-hand uniform can be stored and passed to pupils joining new year groups.


The Queen Jubilee was a great success with 16 parties in the area, two of these did not take the councils financial contribution as they were happy to self-finance as a street get together.


A plaque has been placed at St John’s church with an inscription to Father David as the Queen’s Champion.


In Monk Bretton it has been relatively quiet however, they have had a new member join the Ward Alliance with the possibility of a further 2 or 3.


The hanging baskets have been placed in Lundwood and Monk Bretton.


The Dementia Club in Silverdale is going from strength to strength.


On Tuesday 19th July, Yorkshire in Bloom will be visiting to judge the memorial gardens which have been planted with bee friendly red, white and blue flowers.


In the North East they had 14 Jubilee parties and have recently appointed 2 new Ward Alliance members but they are still 1 or 2 short.


There has been trouble with access to the Dell.


Priority areas for funding have been agreed.


There was no provision for benefit support and it every week for 3 hours at a cost of £150 per week was offered. However, there is going to be a bid put in for the Better Barnsley Fund so that CAB can be in each village once a week.


Cllr Hayward noted that DIAL and CAB are the go-to providers for benefit and financial support in the area. It was suggested that funding could be explored with the view that it could come from the Area Council rather than the Ward Alliance. Face to face support is preferred and if the model is discussed this may be more cost effective.


Cllr Cherryholme acknowledged that the North Area council are doing it this way but Members acknowledged that not one size fits all and that negotiations need to take place with all parties to bring information together and move forward.


Rachel carried out a piece of work recently and have requested that area mangers explore this again as an options paper. It was clarified that Dial predominantly deal with disability and CAB a lot of the legal work.


In Royston it has been a busy few weeks with the Royston Gala where the scouts raised £1000 and the Ward Alliance offering free swimming sessions.


The hanging baskets are out and placing names on them has been successful.


There were 11 jubilee parties and they have entered Royston in bloom again and are hoping to do well.


Cllr Hayward attended the Gala on Saturday and said it was a good day. Cllr Makinson stated that Christie and the volunteers had made it a success and the money that it pumped into it brings positive outcomes for the community.


RESOLVED that the notes from the Ward Alliances be received.


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