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Bulky Rubbish Scheme report - Lucy Raynor - Private Sector Housing officer (Sac.24.06.2022/8)


Lucy Raynor, Private Sector Housing Officer, presented members with proposed recommendations to fund a bulky rubbish scheme.


Members were informed of a proposed bulky waste scheme which would help financially struggling residents in the South Area to dispose of bulky items that were often left on drives or in front gardens creating an eyesore.  The scheme would be targeted to residents who were in most need and would be identified by the Private Sector Housing Officer following discussions.  The scheme would also create the opportunity to assess residents and potentially sign post to other services if there were further needs identified.  It was recognised that the clearing up of bulky items would have an added positive impact on other services such as pest control by removing items before further issues emerged.


Whilst most members thought the scheme positive and would help residents in need, the environment, other services and the potential reduction of illegal waste carriers being used.  Some concerns were raised around what guidelines would be used in order to determine who qualified for free waste removal and who would not.  It was reported that it would not be means tested but that it would be at the discretion of the Private Sector Housing Officer who would use their experience to assess residents on their individual needs. 


Members felt there could be the potential of upsetting residents who felt they should be entitled to free waste removal but had been denied.  Members also voiced their concerns as to the potential of undermining all the good work in the Community that the Private Sector Housing Officer had already done with bringing this scheme in and wished for further clarification on how the decisions would be made.


Members were informed that a similar scheme had been running in the Dearne area for 8 years with success and that there would be more positive outcomes than negatives from the scheme. 




(i)         that thanks be given for the presentation and the report be noted; and


(ii)        that further information be gathered from the Dearne Area in order for members to make a more informed decision and that it be reported to a future meeting of the South Area Council for decision.

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