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Procurement and Financial Update (Sac.24.06.2022/9)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item and referred member to the 2 items for recommendation.


Members were reminded of the Best Bar None presentation provided by Garreth Robinson at the meeting held on 8th April, 2022.  A pilot in the Dearne had taken place where 18 licensed venues had been accredited and 2 Members of staff had received training.  In total 63 venues had been identified across the South Area and a list would be circulated to members in order to identify any possible missing from the list.  Members were made aware of the costs for the Area Council to run this and training of staff members.  It was proposed that 3 members of the Team would be trained and a maximum of 20 venues would be targeted in the first year.  Areas to target first would be decided in collaboration with members where there was a lack of confidence in the night-time economy to build relationships and build confidence back up or venues where the team work to deliver community events and have an established relationship.


Members were updated on the District Enforcement contract which was due to come to an end 30th June 2022.  This was an additional resource procured by the South Area Council to the central borough wide contracted service in order to provide 18.5 hours of parking patrols.  It was reported that appointing a Team Leader would be preferable as they would have a wider remit and have the flexibility to carry out parking enforcement and work with businesses. 


The options set out in the report were reiterated to members who were minded to approve option 3 for a 9 month period in order to bring this in line with the Borough wide single provider contract and allow the Borough wide contract to be reviewed alongside the additional South Area Council funding at the same time. 




(i)         that the information regarding the Best Bar None Scheme be noted and that the recommendations for funding the scheme to enable the South Area Team to work with Public Health to deliver the scheme in the South be considered;


(ii)        that Option A to agree funding to assess up to 20 venues in the South and fund 3 Best Bar None Assessors at a total cost of £1175.56 be agreed;


(iii)       that the update on the District Enforcement Ltd contract which ends on 30th June, 2022 and options to purchase in additional resources be noted; and


(iv)       that the options set out in 4.8 of the report for purchasing additional resources for parking enforcement be noted and that the preferred Option 3 to buy in a Team leader for 18 hours per week for a period of 9 months at a cost of £17,500 be agreed with a review to be held in line with the first year end date of the Borough wide contract.


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