Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.9.6.2022/7)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager who highlighted a few of the main items for decision.


The new contract for Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People had been rebranded as Penistone Ageing Well Together which would have a formal launch in July, 2022.  Members were informed that a key feature of the new contract was eyes on the ground which involved leaflets being handed out to hairdresers and taxi drivers etc for referrals of lonely people into the programme.  Members were informed that the contract was in it’s transition period from the previous contract and an members would be informed of the launch date.


The Area Council Working Together Fund had received an application for the next CAB contract which had been approved in April.  The DIAL contract was due to end in December 2022.  Members were reminded of the update provided earlier in the meeting that there were plans for a central commission with the added option of Area Councils purchasing additional services based on the needs of the area.


The Penistone Area Council Working Together Grant Fund had a total of £25,408 and investigations were being carried out as to whether there would be a future potential need for the grant fund and an update would be provided at a future meeting.


The Working Together Grant Fund – Supporting Young People had a £40,000 in its budget with a view to promoting and progressing from the existing projects or new projects.


Members agreed to hold a workshop in order to look into the Clean, Green and Tidy Contract and review its priorities and what it would like to see from a new commission once the contract ended in 2023.  


The work around the Private Sector Housing Support post in the Penistone area was agreed to be paused until the Penistone Area Council priorities had been reviewed.  Members were informed that work would be carried out on the review following the pandemic with the proposal to hold a workshop late summer.


Members attention was drawn to the 2022/23 budget with an overall budget of £241,904 and an approved spend of £140,000 and a ringfenced self isolation fund of £13,845, leaving a total of £88,059.




(i)      that the update of contracts funded by the existing Supporting Isolated Older People Grant Fund be noted and the outcomes of the procurement process for a new contracted service be noted;


(ii)     that the update and current financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be received and the potential for future need be noted;


(iii)    that the update on the Supporting Young People ringfenced funds within the existing Working Together Grant Fund be received;


(iv)    that the update on the Clean, Green and Tidy contract which had commenced in April, 2020 be noted and that the recommendation to review the needs for a future service be agreed;


(v)     that the update on the Ward Alliance budget be noted;


(vi)    that the deferral of any future investigations into the need for private sector housing support until after Area Council priorities have been reviewed be agreed;


(vii)   that the recommendation to review Penistone Area Council priorities in light of any emerging issues resulting from impacts of the pandemic over the last two years be agreed; and


(viii)  that the current financial budget position for 2022/23 and allocated spend be noted.


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