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Q4 Performance Report (Pac.9.6.2022/5)


The Area Council Manager provided members with an overview of performance for Quarter 4 covering January to March, 2022 and all contracted Services.


An overview of the projects assigned to the Area Council priorities was given and it was noted that a significant increase had been seen in residents and young people receiving support from CAB and DIAL and the number of young people engaging in events funded by the Working Together Grant Fund for Supporting Young People. 


A highlight of the Clean, Green and Tidy commission delivered by Twiggs Grounds Maintenance was provided.  Members were informed that previous concerns around communications had been addressed and were improving with Twiggs publicising their regular work and areas they would be covering during a 2 week period and also requesting reports of any areas of concern raising directly with them.  Regular dialogue was also taking place due to a fortnightly drop-in meeting with a staff supervisor in order to relay any areas of concern or specific requests.  It was noted that many of the groups that had previously been helped had become self-sufficient and relied very little on support from Twiggs due to the success of the mentoring service.  It was also reported that volunteer numbers had been in decline and that there was a push to initiative and encourage people to come back. 


As the contract was in it’s final year, members were in agreement to hold a workshop towards the end of summer in order to review and discuss what a future Clean, Green and Tidy contract would look like and contain.


Lot 1 of the Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People Grant had seen an increase in one to one support and information and advice around fuel poverty issues.  It was reported that the number of community car journeys had significantly increased and that more volunteer drivers were required.  Members noted that the information contained in this section of the report was an update from the old provision with a final report provided to PAC in July, although the newly commissioned contract has now been established.  


Lot 2 activities were reported as all up and running and getting good numbers through particularly around the targeted dementia work at the Happy Vibes Café and activities support physical mobility.  Attention was drawn to the success of the Men in Sheds group which had gained publicity in the Barnsley Chronicle and Radio Sheffield and was holding 2 sessions a week and had recently completed a project with the help of Twiggs Grounds Maintenance in building bird boxes and delivering them out to various groups. 


Lot 3 had seen a number of benches that had been identified for ‘badging’ up for the Take a Seat Campaign.  A number of physical activity sessions were due to take place across the area including Tai Chi and seated exercises.


The information and advice contract was in it’s last quarter for CAB with overall targets being above the original target of 150 and actually achieving 187.  Face to face appointments were expected to return late summer.  It was hoped to create links with the service and Adult Skills and Learning to aid the 25% of working age population to upskill and apply for vacancies.


The DIAL contract was operating successfully with 101 issues being dealt with in January alone, predominantly relating to benefits claims and personal independent payments.  49 winter warmth packs had been delivered to clients identified as being at risk on DIAL’s register.


Members were made aware of investigations that were underway with regards to the information and advice contract and whether there could be a rationalised approach to commissioning across the Borough.  


The Young People’s projects had good outcomes so far with members having the opportunity to observe some of the work being undertaken by Ad Astra in Penistone Grammar school.  An invitation had been received from the Deputy Principal for members to observe Mental Health Support in Penistone Grammar School which would be arranged late June/early July time. 


Young Voices remained a successful project and continued to engage in singing workshops held at Cawthorne Village Hall.  Money raised through events and concerts held had been donated back to the Village Hall.


It was reported that Penistone Leisure Centre had been unable to achieve their outcomes due to changes in staffing and difficulties with getting equipment and volunteers for some of the initiatives.  The Area Council Manager informed members that a forward plan had been agreed and monitoring of the programme would continue.


Penistone FM had provided a presentation at the previous meeting of the Area Council and the programme progressed well.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

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