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Citizen's Advice Bureau - David Andy (Sac.08.04.2022/6)


David Andy was welcomed to the meeting to provide an overview of the Outreach Project which had been delivered by CAB from 1st July, 2017.


Members were reminded that the project had been delivered at various venues throughout the South Area until the pandemic, when the service moved to be delivered remotely.  More recently the service had  recommenced face to face support in Hoyland and Wombwell, and venues were being considered in Darfield.


Since the service started 5475 client contacts had been made had been made with clients supported with 10,177 issues.  £6.93m of additional benefits had been gained, and £1.86m, of debt managed.  There had been a £20 return on investment per £1 spent.  Members suggested that this would be higher if a full analysis of Social Return on Investment was undertaken.


Members were provided with case studies, which served to highlight the human impact of the service.


Those present supported the work to re-establish outreach provision in the Darfield Area, and a number of suggestions of potential venues were made.

The issue of unclaimed benefits was discussed, and it was noted that work was undertaken to publicise the service, which included the opportunity to undertake a full benefit check.  It was noted that there was work underway to consider the best way of keeping residents informed, and that the service worked closely with partner organisations.


Members received assurance that the service had the capacity to deal with expected increases in demand from the increased cost of living, with the service being scalable in the event of a significant increase.  


In relation to those in work accessing the service, it was noted that the service was open until 7pm on Mondays and could be accessed via email, with responses provided within 48 hours.


RESOLVED that thanks be given for the presentation and the continued hard work of all those involved in providing the service.

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