Agenda item

Notes of the Following Ward Alliances with Feedback from each Ward Alliance Chair

Cudworth – held on 24th January 2022

Monk Bretton – held on 11th February 2022

North East – held on 13th January 2022

Royston – held on 17th January 2022


The meeting received notes from the Cudworth, Monk Bretton, North East and Royston Ward Alliances:


Cudworth – 24th January, 2022


Monk Bretton – 11th February, 2022


North East – 13th January, 2022


Royston – 17th January, 2022


The following updates were noted:-


Cudworth: It was reported that sponsorship was being sought for the provision of hanging baskets and work was progressing in relation to projects to mark the celebration of the Queens Jubilee.  A small grants scheme had been established (with appropriate application criteria) to sponsor events for the Jubilee


Monk Bretton: It was reported that the Ward Alliance was in the process of seeing sponsorship for hanging baskets.  College students had attended an event at the memorial earlier in the week and preparations were in hand for the Yorkshire in Bloom Competition.  In addition, a Jubilee Project Fund had been established.  Thanks were also extended to Christie McFarlane for all her hard work in the area.


North East:the first meeting of the Section 106 Sub Group had been held last week and had been well attended.  A presentation had been made by officers and it was hoped that there would be a positive outcome with recommendations made to the Ward Alliance.  Reference was made to increasing Anti Social Behaviour in the area and to the action taken in response thereto.  It was noted that this was not a problem that was unique to the North East Ward.


Arising out of the above discussion, an update was provided in relation to the next phase of the Principal Towns initiative which was welcomed by all Members.


Royston: It was reported that work was ongoing with regard to the sponsorship of hanging baskets and with regard to preparation for Yorkshire in Bloom.  Work was also progressing in relation to green spaces, tree planting and other works in various locations.  The Achievement Awards were planned for the 16th May 2022 and health holidays initiatives were planned for the half term holidays.  A meeting of the Section 106 Sub Group and preparations were in hand to plan for Jubilee events.


It was noted that this was the last meeting of the Area Council that Councillor Cheetham would attend prior to his stepping down as a Councillor.  Members asked to place on record their thanks an appreciation for his services to the Council, to this Area Council and to the Ward and its residents that he represented.  He would be sadly missed and was given best wishes for the future.




(i)             that the notes from the Ward Alliances be received; and


(ii)              That the best wishes of the Area Council be extended to all Councillors retiring at the Election to be held on the 5th May, 2022.

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