Agenda item

External Audit Progress Report Update


The Committee will receive a verbal External Audit update report.


Mr G Mills (representing the External Auditor) attended the meeting virtually and gave an update on the work in which he was involved.  Particular reference was made to the following:


·         The audit opinion had been issued on the 26th November, 2021 following the Council the previous day

·         The audit had progressed within the revised timetable as previously reported and thanks were extended to the Service Director Finance and his Team for their commitment and engagement in the process

·         The Teachers Pension Return had been completed in November, 2021

·         The current focus of work was on the Housing Benefit audit which it was hoped would be concluded shortly

·         Work was continuing on grants and receipts returns

·         The work of Value for Money was due to be completed in February and it was hoped to present the findings to the meeting on the 31st March, 2022


RESOLVED that the report and update be received.