Agenda item

Audit and Governance Committee Work Plan


The Committee received a report providing the indicative work plan for the period 2nd July 2021 to 1st June, 2022.


Arising out of the above, reference was made to the following:


·         The recruitment to the vacant Independent Member positions on the Committee.  It was noted that a further recruitment exercise was to be undertaken and there was a discussion of the best ways of securing good quality applicants

·         A questionnaire seeking members views on the effectiveness of the Committee, on training requirements and on ways in which improvements could be made was to be sent out shortly.  The results of this exercise would be used to inform the review of the operation of the Committee

·         It was suggested that future reports give an indication of items that had been re scheduled together with the rationale for those changes

·         It was also suggested that a future report on the Glassworks include an update on the position with regard to the Alhambra so that the Committee could have an up-to-date picture of the current position with regard to the Town Centre


RESOLVED that, noting the above suggestions, the core work plan for meetings of the Audit and Governance Committee be approved and reviewed on a regular basis.

Supporting documents: