Agenda item

A Service to Support Isolated and Vulnerable Older People (PAC.14.04.2016/7)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who provided a reminder of the background to the project.  In February, 2016, Members had considered data and local intelligence relating to the Economic and Health priorities of the Area Council.


Further discussions took place at a workshop in March, 2016 where it was acknowledged that Penistone Wards had high levels of residents over 60 years of age. Both wards were also rural, with relatively poor transport links, and, in certain areas, few local facilities.  It was therefore suggested that a specification be developed regarding a service to address the needs of isolated and vulnerable older people in the Penistone East and West Wards.


Members considered the draft specification of requirements, and noted the detail of the service. The service to be provided would include the provision of neighbourhood inclusion workers, a befriending scheme, the consideration of transport solutions, signposting individuals to available support and also assisting the establishment of new groups to provide support.


It was noted that part of the project would include identifying and supporting volunteers in the delivery of the service.


Members discussed the target group for the project.  After some discussion it was agreed that including other vulnerable groups could alter the focus of the project, but that the project should not be age specific with an arbitrary cut off for those under 60.


It was suggested that the tender documentation ought to be more specific about supporting the target group to access the internet as part of the project, linking with the roll out of superfast broadband in South Yorkshire. This was supported by all Members.



(i)     The specification of requirements be approved and be used to produce a full procurement strategy to procure a service to address the needs of isolated and vulnerable older people in the Penistone East and West area, to a value of £70,000;

(ii)    That the commission be until 31st March, 2017, with the option to extend the commission for a further year subject to funding being available, satisfactory performance of the provider, and the agreement that there is still a need for the service to be provided;

(iii)  That a price quality split of 80/20 in favour of quality be applied to the commission; and

(iv)  That authority be given to the Executive Director Communities to complete necessary paperwork to allow the project to proceed to procurement.

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