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Feedback from Community Listening (Pac.07.10.2021/7)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the item providing Members with an update on the community listening exercises held during the summer.   The exercise provided an opportunity for the area team to come together, offered an opportunity for reflection, and also was used to promote the Area Council and Ward Alliance.


The exercise was not designed to be a statistically accurate, but more to provide an indication of the views of the community. A number of events were attended, a stall was held on Penistone Market, residents were also engaged on social media and through Age UK.  In addition, the team held a number of walks where conversations were had with residents along the route. A number of sessions were held to targeted certain groups of residents as well..


The exercise yielded 81 responses; however, it was noted that the online survey was still open.  There had been responses from a varied range of ages, but respondents were largely women. 15% of those responded highlighted they had a disability, with 11% preferring not to say.


In responding to what they loved about the community, people highlighted that they liked the countryside, that the area was friendly with good community spirit, and that there was now more places to eat.


In response to the second question about what was needed now and in the future, people highlighted that there was good access to green spaces, good facilities, lots going on, and that the area was safe and good for families.


However, in relation to what was needed, and would add to quality of life, areas such as provision for young people, affordable housing and improved infrastructure were highlighted.  Issues with traffic, signage and streetlights were also highlight, as was access to a GP and to a dentist.  Residents raised issues with parking, but also suggested a growth in the high street was positive.


In responding to a question about what had changed for residents due to the pandemic, people said that they now spent more time with family, enjoying countryside and locally. People were generally more conscious about their health, but some highlighted increased anxiety about going out and crowds.


Overall, the exercise had offered an opportunity to reengage as a team and have conversations with people at events.  A number of residents had raised issues and been signposted to resolve these, and services available to residents had been promoted.


Members were asked whether they felt the exercise raised any new issues, and whether the Area Council priorities remained valid.


Road safety was discussed, including recent issues at Hazlehead, and it was noted that this was outside the remit of the Area Council.


In relation to the findings it was thought that the Area Council was already aware of many of the issues and that the Area Council priorities still remained relevant.


RESOLVED that the findings of the Community Listening Exercise be noted, and that the Area Council priorities be reaffirmed.









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