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North East Area Council Project Performance Report - update on the delivery of commissioned projects.


Christie McFarlane, Community Development Officer for the North East Area Council introduced this item and gave a detailed update on the delivery of commissioned projects.


An update was provided in relation to District Enforcement for Quarter 1 covering the period April to June 2021.  It was reported that 137 Fixed Penalty Notices had been issued, 118 of which were for litter and 19 for Dog Fouling.  There had been a delay in car parking due to a new operating system and changing over to new equipment and software.


Twenty seven tasks had been received this quarter from the Area Council and Neighbourhood Services and Members were reminded to inform the Area Form Officer of any hot spot areas or other areas of concern so that they could be investigated.


In relation to Fixed Penalty Notices, it was reported that £4,900 had been raised during the quarter.


In relation to the two case studies, the first related to Rabbit Ings where 10 Fixed Penalty Notices had been issued, 5 for Dog Fouling and 5 for littering.  The second related to Monk Bretton and specifically West Green Way where 11 Fixed Penalty Notices had been issued, 9 for Littering and 2 for Dog Fouling.


It was then reported that some promotional items had been given out by Enforcement Officers these included Stubbies (which were mini cigarette bins), dog poo bag holders and tote bags.  These were on display at the meeting and if any Members wished to take them for distribution within the community they could do so.  It was noted that the Stubbies, which were a preventative measure for littering, also contained up to date contact information for the Smoking Advisor for the North East Area should anyone be thinking about quitting and need support.


In relation to the Stop Smoking Outreach Service, it was reported that for the current financial year, the contract had been extended once again and the total amount available was £30,000.


As a result of the Covid pandemic, there had been delivery charges moving from Face-to-Face sessions to telephone and online Support.  Sarah Sverdloff (Smoking Advisor for the North East Area) had continued to support people with smoking cessation as well as helping with social isolation and signposting to mental health services.  She had also continued to work with XBO Logistics on ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions and there were now 2 Level 2 trained advisors who could deliver support to other employees.


Smoking Advice Sessions had been provided by Michelle Cooper from Ad Astra.


In relation to smoking prevention, it was noted that just over 1 in 5 adults were smokers within the North East area, this comprised 18.8% in Cudworth, 18.4% in Monk Bretton,18.6% in the North East ward and 17.9% in Royston, a total of 7,877 smokers across the area which had reduced from 11,968 in 2018.


In relation to the target performance, it was noted that all targets set had been exceeded and information was provided in relation to feedback received from service users.


Reference was then made to the proposed recovery steps post Covid which included, amongst other things, the trialling of Virtual Group sessions, delivering more ‘Train the Trainer’ Level 2 training with partners and resuming 1-1 Face-to-Face appointments.  As a result of the success of this commissioned model of provision over the last three years, an additional three advisors were being recruited for the South, Central and Dearne Area Council areas.


In relation to other performance, reference was also made to the Age UK Barnsley Information Advice and Guidance Service for the over 50’s.  It was noted that for an investment of £4,000, a return of £46,415.44 had resulted in benefit gains.


Reference was also made to the Exodus Young Peoples Project and a case study of the success of the project was presented.


RESOLVED that the update be noted, and thanks be expressed to the staff and volunteers who have worked so hard during these challenging times.

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