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Notes of the Following Ward Alliances with Feedback from each Ward Alliance Chair

          a)    Cudworth, held on 14th June 2021

          b)    Monk Bretton, held on 4th June 2021

          c)    North East, held on 13th May 2021

          d)    Royston, held on 28th June 2021




The meeting received notes from the Cudworth, Monk Bretton, North East and Royston Ward Alliances held throughout May and June 2021.  The following updates were noted:-


Cudworth – A new Ward Alliance Member had been appointed.  A campaign seeing additional sponsorship for hanging baskets was to be undertaken for next year.  The Elmer the Elephant project in association with Barnsley Museums was to be undertaken.  The St John’s Garden was being ‘turfed’, the notice board was being erected and the flag pole had been erected outside the church.  Funding had been obtained for the Darfield Road Community Centre and the surrounding area for projects to engage the local community and work on this was progressing.   Work was progressing in seeking new volunteers for the Robert Street Allotments.  Reference was made to the work of the local history group and also to the installation of a ‘blue plaque’ in commemoration of Dorothy Hyman at the Stadium.


Monk Bretton – The first Face to Face meeting had been held since the start of the pandemic.  Four groups were now up and running throughout the area and were all doing fantastic work.  A recycling project was being undertaken within local schools and work was progressing on planning for the Remembrance Day Parade.  Work was also progressing on the painting of railings and investigations were progressing with regards to promoting hanging baskets sponsorship scheme.  Thanks were particularly expressed for the superb work of volunteers throughout the area.  It was also reported that the Elmer the Elephant Book was on sale at the Cooper Gallery.


North East – it was pleasing to report that the first Face to Face meeting had been held last week.  Work was progressing with regard to the hanging baskets project for next year.  The two Gala’s held in Grimethorpe and Shafton had been successful and other projects were in development with the various groups throughout the area.  Specific reference was made to the work of the Section 106 Sub Group and to projects under development.


Royston – The Elmer the Elephant project was continuing, and work was progressing with the schools in the area.  The Christmas Lights and Hanging Basket projects were continuing.  A ‘listening project’ was underway with officers of the Council in order to identify ‘gaps’ in provision.  The Royston Bowling Club had a new management committee and ways of providing support were being examined.  The Jubilee Green Canopy tree project was being discussed and Ward Alliances were to be asked to plant trees.  A community auction was planned and work was continuing with schools on various projects/initiatives.  Some benches had been donated and delivery was awaited.  Half Term projects were being planned for the Park and a new sports provider in Royston was keen to provide outside activities.  Investigations were still progressing in relation to the future development of allotments in the area.


Arising out of the discussion, particular reference was made to the success of the hanging baskets projects in all areas and to the need to perhaps adopt a unified approach to their provision.  Reference was also made to the arrangements for the future management of allotments.  Further details would be circulated once finalised.


RESOLVED that the notes from the Ward Alliances and associated updates be received.

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