Agenda item

Commissioned Projects Performance Update


The Area Council Manager updated Members in respect of the performance of three of the current commissioned projects.  It was explained that although the Forge project had been slow to start, it was now gaining momentum.  The Forge team now has a base at Athersley Recreation Community Site which means less time spent travelling and more time spent in the area.  Members were reminded of the need for the Forge to work closely with Ward Alliances to identify environmental projects.


A successful meeting was recently held with the Anti-Poverty steering group in respect of the CAB/DIAL project, which had produced excellent results since it commenced outreach services in September 2015.  The Area Council Manager highlighted that both contracts noted above are one year plus one year and require a formal extension.  Members need to consider future commissioning and this will be an agenda item for the next meeting. 




(i)         Members note the content of the report;


(ii)        Members involve the Forge Partnership in discussions at Ward Alliance meetings as appropriate (contact details to be sent out);


(iii)       Members continue to pass on ‘hot spot’ information to Kingdom Security for appropriate action.


(iv)       Members give consideration to contract extensions in respect of the Clean and Green and Anti-Poverty objective, as this will be an agenda item for the next meeting.

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