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Economic Regeneration - Pilot Project Proposal


The Area Council Manager introduced this item.  Members were updated with regard to project research, scoping and recommendations to address the Economic Regeneration priority.  The Economic Regeneration priority was agreed in 2014 but to date a project has not been delivered to address this priority.  High Street businesses seem to be short lived but could potentially continue if they were provided with professional support.  In addition, some businesses are hard to reach and identify.  It was explained that European funding is available to assist start up business but there is less support available for businesses after the first six months of trading.  It was felt that a pilot research and consultation project would be helpful in determining the business development needs of the small, independent and lifestyle businesses trading in the North Area.  The results of this will help in developing a sustainable project with networking and peer support upon completion.


RESOLVED that a pilot project should be developed to establish the business development needs of small businesses in the North Area prior to commissioning a larger project.

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