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Action Taken under Paragraph B6 of the Responsibility for Executive Functions - Officer Delegations Contained in the Council Constitution (Cab.8.9.2021/5)


RESOLVED that the action taken by Executive Directors under Paragraph B6 of the Responsibility for Executive Functions – Officer Delegations, as contained within the Appendix attached to the report now submitted and detailed below, be noted:-


2025 Town Centre Parking Strategy Phase 1 - Glass Works Opening Milestone


Date of Decision – 19 August 2021


1.1      To approve the pilot to amend the town centre’s parking charges and introduce restrictions via amendments to the traffic restriction order and off-street parking order to support The Glass Works and wider town centre plan as summarised below with details within section 4 of the report.


1.2      The proposed changes are temporary utilising an experimental traffic order with changes to the off-street parking order and a maximum duration of 18 months. We will implement this incentive pilot and return to cabinet with evidence on how it works in terms customer perception, parking numbers, traffic flows and location usage.


1.3      To support ongoing discussions with the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


1.4      To support the temporary employment of 4 parking enforcement officers to support the opening of Glass Works whilst in parallel, work with the Communities directorate to ensure that we have a cohesive and consistent enforcement service for the authority.

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