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Health and Wellbeing Workshop Outcomes (Nac.24.05.2021/5)


The Area Council Manager provided Members with an update with regard to the Health and Wellbeing priority, making Members aware of the current position of the review and of the current direction of travel for commissioning in the North Area.  The multi-agency North Area Councils Health and Wellbeing Priority Working Group met on the 23rd April to reflect on the existing Social Isolation and Cold Homes project.  The workshop considered if this was still a relevant priority area for the North Area’s commissioning focus.  Aims and objectives of the project were outlined together with potential beneficiary groups, anticipated outputs and outcomes.  The Area Council Manager also updated Members with regard to current commissioned projects, some of which already have a health and wellbeing link.  A discussion took place around who the beneficiary groups should be, the need for more information and whether it would be possible to include all groups in terms of Covid-19 recovery for the community as a whole.




(i)            Members note the procurement progress to date, and


(ii)          Members agreed to focus on young people whose employment prospects have been affected by Covid-19 and older people who have become increasingly isolated and


(iii)         A further workshop be arranged to clarify the project direction, using Microsoft Teams. 


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