Agenda item

Housing Cohesion Officer Update - Bradley Beatson (Nac.24.05.2021/3)


Bradley Beatson gave an update about his recent work. It was highlighted that much of his work involves dealing with issues capable of having a detrimental effect on other, including Anti-Social Behaviour, environmental issues, property/housing conditions - private sector housing, fly-tipping , littering and social Issues.  Bradley works closely with other agencies (SYP, SYFRS, Adult & Children’s Social Services, landlords / letting agents), voluntary agencies and with local residents within communities. Bradley has also been instrumental in facilitating the North Area Action Days that take place each month in all four wards.  A number of case studies and photographs were shared, highlighting the work Bradley had been involved in.  It was felt that a social media presence to raise the profile of the good work being done in communities might be beneficial.   Legislation and enforcement is effective at resolving issues locally, when balanced with support for individuals.  


RESOLVED that Bradley be thanked for his attendance and contribution and for the hard work and persistence he has shown in carrying out his role to sustain safe and pleasant communities.