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Planning Appeals - February 2021 to March 2021


The Head of Planning and Building Control submitted an update regarding cumulative appeal totals for 2020/21.


The report indicated that 10 appeals were received in February and March 2021.


No appeals were withdrawn, and 8 appeals were determined in February and March 2021.


It was reported that 39 appeals have been decided since 1st April 2021, 34 of which (87%) have been dismissed and 5 of which (13%) have been allowed.


The Chair expressed gratitude and complimented officers on the very high appeal dismissal rate which was indicative of the hard work they had done.   




(i)            The contents of the report be noted


(ii)          The Development Management team share appeal decisions with Planning Regulatory Board members regarding cases where officer recommendations have been overturned by Councillors at the Planning Regulatory Board. 


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