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City Fibre - Natalie Ward (Sac.23.04.2021/4)


Natalie Ward, City Manager, was welcomed to the meeting.  Members heard that a programme of £32m of investment in Barnsley had commenced in January, 2021.  The programme would provide a model of full fibre infrastructure to allow improved internet connections that would be suitable for decades to come.  The build involved both under and over ground work which would take around three years to complete for the first phase.


Members were made aware of the details of the build and how the infrastructure would look.  It was acknowledged that City Fibre owned infrastructure, but that the service would be provided by Internet Service Providers.


Members heard that work had commenced in January, and that City Fibre was working closely with the Council, engaging all stakeholders where possible, and raising awareness of the work being undertaken.


Noted was the workflow and additional communications to ensure residents were aware of the work in the area. It was acknowledged that this had been impinged somewhat by the pandemic.  However, it was hoped that face to face discussions could be had in the coming months as restrictions were reduced.  A suggestion was made for Members to highlight any avenue of potential stakeholder engagement, through briefings, events or publications.


Members questioned the reinstatement of pavements and roadways following work, and it was noted that this would be undertaken on a like for like basis.  Should issues arise, Members were made aware of the complaints process and that a team was dedicated to Barnsley was on hand to consider defects.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

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