Agenda item

Super Fast South Yorkshire - Julie Tattershall & Natalie Ward


Julie Tattershall, Superfast South Yorkshire Project and Contracts Manager and Natalie Ward, City Fibre Manager, were welcomed to the meeting. 


A presentation was delivered to explain the role of City Fibre.  There are currently 67 projects underway to provide a full fibre gigabit capable network. £32m of investment has been made and the current build will last just over 2 years.  It is a case of short term pain for longer term gain.  City Fibre uses existing infrastructure so there is no need to dig and they also use duct and pole sharing.  The network is gigabit capable, dependent on need, and residents will be able to get 1gb per second, which is phenomenal.  An interactive map for the whole of the UK is available and will be shared.  More information will be shared with members as the project progresses.


Members heard how SFSY was a partnership between the four South Yorkshire local authorities, Building Digital UK, Openreach and the Local Enterprise Partnership.  So far SFSY had increased availability of superfast broadband from 80% to over 98% bringing nearly 120,000 new connections. In addition, support had been provided to SMEs on how to gain the benefits of connectivity and advice relating to infrastructure had also been provided to developers and to planning departments.

Members noted the current activity being undertaken, including working with Openreach to provide fibre to the premises for 8,000 homes, inputting into digital strategies in Barnsley and the City Region and also being consulted on digital connectivity as part of the planning process.


RESOLVED that thanks be given for the presentation, and that its content be noted.