Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.08.04.2021/6)


The Area Manager spoke to the item, reminding members that the Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People Fund’s current contract was due to end in June, 2021 after an agreed extension and that the procurement process was being developed.


The Working Together Fund was still available with previous contracts awarded to DIAL and CAB, it was reported that Penistone FM would be encouraged to resubmit an application for a project around supporting young people in the Penistone Area.  Members noted there was £42,776 left in the fund and the Area Team would continue to promote this to encourage further applications. 


Members were informed that the Supporting Young People Grant was now available and had received a good level of interest.  The closing date for applications was 8th April and a Panel would be convened to determine the grant applications with an update to be provided on the successful projects at the next meeting of the Area Council.


The Clean Green and Tidy Service providers Twiggs would be invited to attend the June meeting of the Area Council to provide members with a full report and update of the service in light of members agreement to fund the second year of their contract.


Members were provided with an overview of the current financial position.  It was noted that no further spend had been allocated after the previous Area Council meeting resulting in £15,225 being carried forward from the 2020/21 budget, together with the Penistone Area Council budget allocation of £200,000 giving a total of £215,225 for the 2021/22 budget.  Members noted that the spend to date from the 2021/22 budget was the Twiggs contract at £100,000 leaving £115,225.


Members attention was drawn to a previous allocation from the budget of £3,000 for 2 publications of the Penistone Living Magazine.  Only one publication had been produced in the year which left around £1500 to be spent.  Members were informed that the Barnsley Chronicle had been in contact about an insert in the paper for the Penistone Area to promote what was happening in and around the area, what activities may be going ahead, plus the chance to promote businesses re-opening which would cost around £800.  Members expressed their interest as the money had already been allocated plus it would be positive promotion of the area.




(i)         that the update on procurement activity be received;


(ii)        that the update on contracts funded by the existing Supporting Isolated and Older People Grant fund be noted;


(iii)       that the proposed grant procurement timeline to establish future provision to support vulnerable and isolated older people in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic be noted;


(iv)       that the update and current financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be noted;


(v)        that the update on ringfenced funds within the existing Working Together Fund to establish specific activities that will support young people in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic be noted;


(vi)       that the updates on the Clean and Tidy Contract, started in April 2020, be noted;


(vii)      that the Area Council Manager investigate the publicity opportunities utilising funds partially allocated in the previous year; and


(vii)      that the financial position for the 2021/22 budget be noted.


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