Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (Sac.12.02.2021/9)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the item, referring to the service to reduce social isolation and loneliness.  It was noted that the current service provided by Age UK had been funded for two years and would come to an end on 30th September, 2021.


Members noted that the service was initially commissioned with the first year designed to gain a greater insight into those socially isolated in the area. The second year was set to establish sustainable infrastructure to support the needs identified. 


Members noted that the pandemic had impacted on the service, which had changed its delivery but had still worked to meet the needs of those isolated and lonely, with increasing numbers being referred to the service.


It was suggested that a workshop be arranged for Members to consider the service in detail, including its operation so far, with a view to making recommendations for any future service to the Area Council at the meeting in April, 2021.


RESOLVED that a workshop be held to consider the Social Isolation contract and discuss commissioning intentions going forward, with a report on the outcome to be presented to the next meeting of the Area Council.

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