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Notes of the Ward Alliances (Sac.12.02.2021/3)

Hoyland Milton and Rockingham – held on 13th January, 2021

Darfield – held on 21st January, 2021

Wombwell – held on 18th January, 2021


Members received the notes from the following Ward Alliances:- Hoyland Milton and Rockingham held on 13th January, 2021; Wombwell held on 18th January , 2021; and Darfield Ward Alliance held on 21st January, 2021.


Councillor Shepherd provided a brief update in relation to the work of the Hoyland Milton and Rockingham Ward Alliance.  Communications had been circulated regarding the ability for people to sponsor hanging baskets.  Finance had been ringfenced in order to address the issue of nuisance off-road biking in Jump Valley and discussions had taken place regarding recommencing work.


Councillor Frost spoke about the Wombwell Ward Alliance, noting that discussion had taken place around the success of the healthy holidays programme.   The Ward Alliance had previously financed hanging baskets, but had more recently sought sponsorship, with all now being funded by sponsors.  The Ward Alliance had also discussed Post Office provision in the area. A temporary facility was in place at Wombwell library, but a site for a more permanent fixture was being sought.


Councillor Smith updated Members on the work of the Ward Alliance in Darfield.  The Ward Alliance had also been considering the sponsorship of hanging baskets.  It was noted that the CCTV requested had been granted funding by the Principal Towns Programme.  The Ward Alliance had discussed the issues of quad biking, and different measures to restrict access and resolve the issue. It was suggested that the partnership work being undertaken by Hoyland Milton and Rockingham could be shared.


The Alliance had also discussed the issues of potholes in the area, and thanks were given for the efforts of highways, noting that dangerous and severe potholes were normally filled within 24 hours.


RESOLVED that the notes and updates from the Ward Alliances be received.


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