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Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.03.12.2020/6)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the report previously circulated.  Members were reminded of the previous approval of the development of a further grant process to support vulnerable and isolated older people. In light of the recent lockdown and current restrictions, and that the demand was likely to rise during the winter period, it was suggested that the current services should be extended for a further six months.  This would allow continuity for service users and in delaying the grant process would mean that proposals could more adequately reflect the impact of Covid-19.


It had been suggested that the Working Together Fund would be advertised widely, with a deadline for applications of 27th November, 2020.  However, due to many organisations taking time to consider how to operate in light of the pandemic it was suggested that any deadline be removed and that the fund continue to be promoted.


A financial summary was provided, with an in-year budget of £50,225 remaining. However, with the approval to continue support services provided by Age UK for a further six months, this was reduced by £15,225.



(i)           That the update on procurement be received;

(ii)          That the establishment of a grant scheme to support isolated older people be delayed in light of the Covid-19 pandemic;

(iii)        That the the Executive Director be authorised to complete any necessary paperwork to waive contract procedure rules so that the current contracts funded through the Supporting Isolated and Older People’s Grant Fund be continued for a further period of six months at a cost of £35,000 to address the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on vulnerable older people in the Penistone area;

(iv)        That the update and the current financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be noted;

(v)          That the update on funds ringfenced within the Working Together Fund for activities to support young people be noted;

(vi)        That the updates on the Clean and Tidy contract be noted;

(vii)          That the financial position be noted.

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