Agenda item

Children’s Social Care Performance

To consider a cover report relating to Children’s Social Care Performance (Item 8a) in relation to the Data Report (Item 8b) and the Explanatory Document (Item 8c).


Mel John-Ross, Service Director, Children’s Social Care and Safeguarding, introduced this item and provided Members with the monthly children’s social care report, which contained an overview of the major performance indicators for children’s safeguarding and social care for Quarter 1 (2019/20); a management performance analysis; a  summary of performance, using RAG (Red, Amber, Green) ratings; the direction of travel for most indicators together with Barnsley's historical performance and comparisons with other local authorities. Areas of performance considered good and areas where improvement is required were also highlighted.


Specific topics discussed included:  Early Help Assessments; Social Worker vacancies, caseloads, recruitment and retention; the Mockingbird Programme and the impact of Covid-19.  Social Workers in attendance responded to questions about their work and spoke about their experiences during Covid-19.  It was highlighted that social workers have continued with their work during lockdown, although home working and other challenges presented themselves which necessitated a flexibility of approach and different ways of working in order to reach out to children and their families.




(i)               Members note the update and  


(ii)             Front-line workers be thanked for the work they continue to due in difficult circumstances, particularly throughout the pandemic.