Agenda item

Lucy Rayner - Private Sector Housing Officer (Sac.31.07.2020/5)


Lucy Rayner, Private Sector Housing Officer, was welcomed to the meeting to give an overview of the work undertaken to date in the South Area.


Work had been proactive, searching out issues, working with tenants and landlords.  A number of multi-agency meetings had been attended and strong links had been made with the Police, Fire Service, Social Care, and with agencies such as CAB and Age UK.  Though hot-spot areas had been targeted, work had taken place throughout the area.


The service had been promoted through community events, where a number of contacts had been made.  Members heard that to date contacts had been made with 205 households, with 39 being identified as vulnerable.  Members were made aware of the types of issues dealt with, which included waste on premises, and issues with disrepair.   A number of case studies were considered which showed the complexity of issues and the impact being seen both visually and in the quality of life of residents from the intervention of the officer.


Members gave praise for the service and the impact this had made in the area.  Praise was also given for the work undertaken by the officer to support the Community Responder service, providing much required local intelligence.


RESOLVED that thanks be given for the presentation and continued hard work in providing the service.

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