Agenda item

South Area Council priorities and forward plan (Sac.31.07.2020/7)


Members received the report and considered the recommendations in light of the presentations received and the discussions earlier in the meeting.



(i)           That the information on the South Area Council Workshops be noted;

(ii)          That commitment be reaffirmed to the existing South Area Council priorities, with the addition of a sixth priority ‘Health and Wellbeing for all’;

(iii)        That work is undertaken with Public Health to provide a better insight into the impact of social distancing in the South Area;

(iv)        That decisions regarding any use of South Area Council budgets is put on hold until the work with Public Health is completed;

(v)          That ward briefings take place to discuss the opportunities for South Area Council and Ward Alliance to support the inclusive economy agenda;

(vi)        That commissioning intentions and areas of work in development prior to Covid-19 be revisited at future date in light of the outcome of the work with Public Health.


Supporting documents: