Agenda item

Notes of the Ward Alliance Meetings

Darton East – held on 10th December 2015

Darton West – held on 16th November 2015 and 11th January 2016

Old Town – held on 2nd December 2015

St Helen's – held on 7th January 2016


The meeting received the notes from the Darton East Ward Alliance held on 10th December 2015; Darton West Ward Alliance held on 16th November 2015 and 11th January 2016; Old Town Ward Alliance held on 2nd December 2015; and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 7th January 2016.


It was reported that the Christmas lights switch-on in Darton East was a great success despite the bad weather.  Thanks were expressed to Lee, Rebecca and John Foster for provision of mince pies.  There was some confusion regarding an application to fund a schools project commemorating the Battle of the Somme.  The total cost of £7050 was to be met by contributions of £300 from each Ward Alliance, not from one Ward Alliance.  This will now be reconsidered.


It was highlighted that a Darton West ‘Community Stars’ event is to be organised for Friday 4th March.  The Darton Afternoon Club has now been launched and continues to be well attended.  The launch was attended by Millie Johnson, which was very well received.  A local history group has produced a booklet about Kexborough and a lottery bid is being developed to continue local history work in the ward.


The Old Town Ward Alliance structure has changed recently and new representatives are required.  The Café Coffee choir has been a great success and plans to continue for another year.  They hope to secure funding from the Bishops Fund.


It was reported that the Christmas tree events in St Helens ward were very successful and planning is now underway for the summer gala.  Thanks were expressed to Rosie, Lee and Rebecca for their fantastic work and commitment over the year.  


RESOLVED that the notes of the respective Ward Alliances be noted.


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