Agenda item

Minutes of the Previous Meetings

To approve the minutes of the following meetings of the Committee:-


·         12th May – Full Committee Meeting (Item 3a attached)

·         9th June – Thriving and Vibrant Economy Workstream (Item 3b attached)

·         9th July – People Achieving Their Potential Workstream (Item 3c attached)

·         21st July. – Strong and Resilient Communities Workstream (Item 3d attached)


The minutes of the meetings held on 12th May (Full Committee Meeting), 9th June (Thriving and Vibrant Economy Workstream), 9th July (People Achieving Their Potential Workstream) and 21st July (Strong and Resilient Communities Workstream) were approved as a true and accurate record.


Councillor Johnson requested that promised feedback with regard to concerns raised by Members regarding speeding in the Borough be shared with Members as soon as possible.  Member were informed that this issue has been added to the scrutiny work programme and will be discussed in the meeting scheduled to take place on 1st December 2020.

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