Agenda item

PRIP Berneslai Homes Construction Services Contract (Cab.18.3.2020/17)




(i)        that the outcome of negotiations with BHCS (see Section 5) for 2/3rd’s of the Property Repair and Improvement Partnership (PRIP) contract, as per the agreed approach within the ‘PRIP Tender Strategy 2020’ (Cab.16.10.2019/10 refers) be approved;


(ii)       that the estimated saving of £1.7M per annum be noted and agreement be given that the 30 year Business Plan be revised to reflect the revised projected costs; and


(iii)      that authorisation be given to the preparation of necessary amendments to the ‘Agreement/SLA’ between the Council, Berneslai Homes and Berneslai Homes Construction Services to reflect the updated contractual requirements over the 10 year contract period; including the new schedule of rates, branch/overhead rates and commitments to Customer Service, Performance, Social Value and Sustainability.

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