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Stronger Communities Grant Outcomes report (March)


The Area Council Manager introduced this item, updating Members about the North Area Council Stronger Communities Grant application and allocation process, the outcome of the grant panel meeting and the projects approved for funding, also outlining the performance management and monitoring arrangements for successful projects.


It was explained that it was a very competitive process, with 7 applications received before the deadline, totalling over £100,000.  The Grants Panel met at the end of February, with each ward represented by a Councillor.  Four applications were recommended for funding as follows:  Emmanuel Methodist Church – Connections) £19,996.00; YMCA Youthwork £10,576.00; Making Space/Barnsley Dementia Gateway – Information, Advice and Wellbeing Café £10,000 and Citizens’ Advice Bureaux – North Area Debt Advice Service £9,428.00.  Members highlighted the difficulties of making decisions this year, as the same applications are submitted by organisations every year and the aim should be for projects to be self sustaining at the end of the grant funding.  It was reported that the Mking Space Café project was to be delayed until the summer, with reduced funding, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.  This may also impact on other projects which are aimed at similar age groups.  The Area Council Manager is attempting to contact the Emmanuel Church about this issue.  It is known that Berneslai Homes is planning to close some of its Community Centres due to Coronavirus.  A Member raised a query about confidentiality of information and GDPR requirements.  It was explained that confidential information is not shared across projects, although larger organisations do retain their own information and are able to contact local stakeholders.




(i)     Members note the NAC Stronger Communities Grant update;


(ii)    Members note the projects that have been approved for funding,  and


(iii)  Members agree the performance and monitoring arrangements outlined in    Section 7 of the report.



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