Agenda item

Commissioning, Project Development and Finance


The Area Council Manager introduced this item, providing Members with a financial position and forecast for expenditure based on the projects that have been proposed.  Detailed information was provided with regard to projects attracting significant commitment, including the Anti-Poverty Community Outreach Project, the Clean and Green Service and the Housing Migration and Private Sector Housing Officer post.  Health and Wellbeing projects, the Stronger Communities Grant, devolved funding to Ward Alliances and the Community Magazine were also discussed.



(i)                       The North Area Council note the existing budget position and funding commitments;

(ii)                    Members agreed to fund the Anti- Poverty IAG contract for two years (+1yr) from September 2020 

(iii)                  Members agreed to fund the environmental education provision for two years (+1yr) from October 2020

(iv)                  Members will meet for a 2nd workshop to redefine the environmental specification prior to a decision to re-commission.

(v)                    Members noted information regarding the Housing and Cohesion Officer, and

(vi)                  Members agreed to the final year’s extension of the Warm Connections Project (Sept 2020 – Aug 2021)


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