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Notes from the Area's Ward Alliances

Darton East – held on 14th January and 11th February 2020

Darton West – held on 15th January and 5th February 2020

Old Town – held on 29th January and 11th February 2020

St Helen's – held on 16th January 2020.


The meeting received the notes from the Darton East Ward Alliance held on 14th January and 11th February 2020; Darton West Ward Alliance held on 15th January and 5th February 2020; Old Town Ward Alliance held on 29th January and 11th February and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 16th January 2020.  Additional updates were provided as follows:


Darton East:  The local action plan for the year has now been agreed.  A number of applications for funding have now been agreed, including £500 for the defibrillator at the LIDL supermarket.  The pantomimes took place at Greenside church hall, raising money for both the church and for charity. The Greenspace group is to carry out litter picking on alternative Saturdays, focussing on three areas – Mapplewell park, the War Memorial and the Community Gardens.  Hanging baskets are to be sponsored by local businesses this year.


Darton West:  Fencing at Dearne Hall Road is still awaited, as Twiggs need to get a licence to work on Highways land, although funding was agreed last July.  The Darton Village in Bloom project is underway and 2 projects are to be chosen to work on, which will be entered into the Barnsley in Bloom competition next year.  A defibrillator has been installed at Redbrook Community Centre, with another coming on stream in Priestley Avenue.  Officers were thanked for their assistance with this. 


Old Town:  Various applications for funding have been agreed, including funding for a disability football challenge and a Writing competition prize of  £100.  Community groups are being approached for help to purchase ‘live’ Christmas trees.  The writing group supported by Lee Swift is very positive.  Two information boards have now been erected at the Fleets.  The cost of using mains electricity for Christmas tree lights has been explored but this is very expensive.


St Helens:  The Christmas events were very well received in the community, with local schools all involved.  A number of funding applications have been agreed, including £365 to reduce Carlton Road bollards to knee height for safety reasons and an Environmental working budget of £5000.  Galas are in the planning stage and the ward plan is being developed.  Ideas for the Great British Spring Clean are being put forward.  An event for young people is to take place at the end of the summer holidays.  Good discussion about mental health, self harm etc.  event for yp – at end of summer holidays. Two events are being planned to restore the Barnsley PALS flags with input from an organisation in Manchester.  Thanks were expressed to all who had contributed to this. 


RESOLVED that the notes of the respective Ward Alliances be noted.

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