Agenda item

Children's Commissioner for England: National Takeover Challenge 2019 (Cab.18.3.2020/7)


The Children’s Spokesperson welcomed the following young people to the meeting to present the outcomes of the National Takeover Challenge:-


·         Bailey Maw

·         Frankie Harper


A presentation on the very positive feedback received from participants in the Challenge was provided.


Members commented on how they too had derived much from what had been a very worthwhile undertaking and considered what more might be done in future years to build on the initiative further.


The young people were invited to comment further on what they most enjoyed about the Takeover Day and what could be done to improve future events. Feedback noted the need to have better communication with employers to ensure these events are of greatest benefit to all parties and the need to engage with a wider variety of employers.


Members thanked all the young people who took part and the officers involved with facilitating the event.


RESOLVED that the continued success of this annual event as an example of good working across partnerships which can continue to be built upon in future Takeover events and activities aimed at improving the range of outcomes for children and young people, including those in care and care leavers be noted

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