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Statement of Gambling Policy Review Consultation 2020

The Service Director Legal Services will submit a report informing and seeking the views of members on the statement of Gambling Policy Review consultation.


The Service Director Legal Services submitted a report informing and seeking the views of Members on the Statement of Gambling Policy Review Consultation document.


Members were informed that in line with Statutory Guidelines the Licensing Authority must publish a Statement of Gambling Policy at least once every three years.  The policy had, therefore, been reviewed and it was proposed that a consultation on the policy would run for the statutory 10 weeks commencing on 21st February, 2020 until 1st May, 2020.


In the ensuing discussion the following matters were highlighted:


·         The issue of online gambling was raised and whether this was included in the Gambling Policy Review as this was felt to be a far bigger threat to vulnerable people than fixed machines in betting shops.  The Licensing Officer informed members that online gambling was covered by the Gambling Commission and not within the Licensing Authorities remit.

·         Reassurance was given that the Bookmakers that are within the Licensing Authorities powers are generally compliant and, that the Officer could recall, in the past 5 years there had only been 2 complaints against a gambling licensed premises.

·         The Licensing officer informed members that they had written to and consulted with numerous agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Public Health, Gamblers Anonymous and various support groups who deal with vulnerable people to request their feedback and input into the consultation.


RESOLVED that the report be noted and the consultation arrangements be approved and that any comments on the review be forwarded to the Licensing Service accordingly to the consultation document.



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