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Procurement and Financial Update (Sac.14.02.2020/5)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the item, referring to previous discussions at the Area Council in relation to the use of income from Fixed Penalty Notices.  To date the Area Council had received £32,523 in income.  Members heard how the Parks Manager had been contacts to ascertain which play equipment and play areas required improvement.  It was noted that play areas in Wombwell and Darfield Ward had received investment more recently but there was need for improvements to be made at Birdwell Rec, Milton Forge and Cloughfields sites.


Members noted that three of the contracts held by the Area Council were due to come to an end shortly, but had been procured with the option to extend for a further year.  As performance against each contract had been satisfactory, the extension of each was supported.


Those present were reminded of the discussion at the previous meeting regarding the possibility of increasing the patrolling hours of Environmental Enforcement staff in order to provide additional resource to target parking issues outside of the two areas of focus of Hoyland and Wombwell town centres.  Extra resource could also provide enforcement of littering and dog fouling.


The Area Council Manager made Members aware that, following discussion with District Enforcement, extra capacity could be made available for additional enforcement of dog fouling and littering, but not for parking.  However, it was noted that additional enforcement of dog fouling and littering may free up some of the existing officers’ time in order to undertake further parking enforcement.  It was suggested that this course of action be undertaken, and that demand be monitored to inform the service in the future.  In addition it was suggested that an estimation of the income expected from Fixed Penalty Notices be provided to inform future discussions about the service.



(i)            That £31,343.13 be allocated to the refurbishment of the Birdwell Rec, Milton Force and Cloughfields Play Areas with approval of final details of any refurbishment to be delegated to the Executive Director, Communities;

(ii)          That the South Area Tidy Team Environmental and Educational Service contract be extended until 31st March, 2021 at a cost of £181,721;

(iii)         That the One Stop Shop Advice service contract be extended until 30th June, 2021 at a cost of £79,572;

(iv)         That the Environmental Enforcement Service contract be extended until 31st March, 2021 to provide 22.5hours per week of enforcement of parking, dog fouling and littering, at a total cost of £18,179.96; and

(v)          That the demand associated with the Environmental Enforcement Service be monitored, and that estimated levels of income from Fixed Penalty Notices be provided, to inform future discussions about the service

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