Agenda item

The Dearne Area Council Social Connectivity (Dac.20.01.2020/5)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item, reminding Members of the current service in the area funded by the Area Council in order to reduced social isolation. Currently delivered by B:Friend and funded through Nesta and the Area Council, it was noted that this would come to an end at the beginning of October, 2020.


Members considered options going forward, with that preferred being to procure a similar service in order to increase social connectivity.


A draft specification had been circulated, which built on the strengths of current provision, and took into account national guidelines.  The documentation included the wish to maintain current social groups and one-to-one provision.  It also included an increased emphasis on engaging males, who were currently underrepresented.  



(i)            That the procurement of a Dearne Area Council Social Connectivity project be approved at £27,000 per annum for a period of two years; and

(ii)          That the specification for the Dearne Area Council Social Connectivity project be approved.

Supporting documents: