Agenda item

Strategic Growth Clusters Revision to M1 Junction 36 A6195 Dearne Valley Economic Growth Corridor Goldthorpe (Phase 2) (Cab.11.12.2019/17)




(i)        that the progress made delivering the M1 Junction 36 – A6195 Dearne Valley Economic Growth Corridor Scheme (Phase 2 Goldthorpe), outlined in Section 3 of the report and authorised the continued development of Work Packages A, B and C and progression of the scheme to ensure all external grant funding be secured, whilst ensuring that the overall aims and objectives of the scheme be achieved, be noted;


(ii)       that the revisions to the original M1 Junction 36 A6195 Dearne Valley Economic Growth Corridor Goldthorpe (Phase 2) as detailed in Section 3 of the report be noted;


(iii)      that approval be given to award the A6195 Highway Improvements Contract (improvements to Cathill roundabout, Broomhill roundabout and Wath Road roundabout) through the YORCivils Framework Agreement under an NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (April 2013);


(iv)      that the need for, and approval to the additional resources to enable the delivery of the A6195 Highway Improvements (referred to as Work Package A), to be delivered as detailed in Section 3.8 and within the Financial Implications Section 7, be recognised;


(v)       that the Service Director Regeneration and Culture be authorised to continue to make use of the Council’s Land Solve Framework to assist with delivering Work Package B and note the release of resources to fund this package of works as highlighted in Section 7;


(vi)      that the appointment of the same contractor to deliver Work Package C (new access/roundabout to ES10) be noted, noting this would require a contract waiver and would expedite procurement and delivery timescales for the works subsequently impacting on the timelines for attracting an end commercial developer;


(vii)     that approval be given to the financial resources (as detailed in Section 7 and Appendix A) required to fund the delivery of Work Package C (potential new access into ES10 allocated employment site references ES10 by means of a new roundabout); and


(viii)    that the Executive Director Core Services, in consultation with the Executive Director Place, be authorised to negotiate the terms and conditions of, and final approval of the Combined Authority SCRIF Revised Grant Funding Agreement, for the delivery of this scheme.