Agenda item

Stronger Communities Grant Budget and Process (Nac.18.11.2019/9)


The Area Council Manager introduced this item, detailing  the Stronger Communities Grant Panel’s recommendation to make the grant funding available for 2020/21 together with dates for advertising the grant funding opportunity.  A discussion took place around the possibility of reducing the level of grant as large bids can drain resources but it was felt that there needs to be a balance between the projects being meaningful, sustainable and producing clearly defined outcomes.   




(i)            Members approved the recommendation to run the grants programme in 2020/21, with individual bids fixed at an upper limit of £20,000

(ii)          Members agreed to the terms of reference within the report;

(iii)         Members agreed the value of the grant funding pot for 2020/21 as £50,000, and

(iv)         Members confirmed Councillor representation from each ward on the grants panel 2020/21.

Supporting documents: